Your wedding film

Looking back on your wedding with a smile on your face and tears in your eyes, that's what I am going for.

I would love to make your cinematic wedding film.

Those special moments, the look of someone special to you, a tear... 

My holistic view on storytelling is an important part of my work. I strive to make people feel ‘I wish I was there’. The information that you can tell through a film is endless. I tell your love story, by capturing true emotions and with an eye for details of your special day.

About me

Hi, I am Monique Kraan, a 37-year-old Dutch interior & travel photographer and filmmaker, with a passion for capturing luxury villas in the high-end market. I love to make short films and since 2019 I started with wedding films, which is very special and meaningful to do. 

I have been living in Bronkhorst (Netherlands) since the beginning of 2019 and I photograph throughout Ibiza, Italy and the Netherlands. Together with my partner, I lived in Tuscany before and also in the Provence for a number of years. I am open-minded, enthusiastic, positive, adventures and curious, always happy to dive into a new adventure. 

For me, the most important thing apart from capturing the highlights of your wedding day is to convey the feeling and the emotions that people have during your day. That's why I always take my time to film and also to edit the film. Time and attention are a big part of the film I deliver. I mostly film in slow motion and I capture as much as possible the 'natural' happenings, which is part of my modern approach. Of course, I would like a moment with the two of you for some 'love shots'. But during the day I will (almost) never interrupt people or ask to strike a pose.

Before your wedding day, we will go through everything and you tell me what and who are important to you. As a filmmaker, I will capture the emotions of the people that are most important to you.


You will receive a cinematic film of between 8 and 15 minutes, with the most beautiful and touching moments in it. I will start with the preparation and end when I have captured enough crazy dancing, happy, smiling people at your wedding party. Your film includes some (drone) shots of the environment to give an expression of where you got married.

You'll receive your wedding film in 4K quality and smaller if you wish.​


The wedding film

Starting from the preparation of your make up and getting dressed till I've captured laughing and dancing people... I capture it all. You will receive a film between 8 and 15 minutes. The music is included and can be chosen by you or me. I will capture the cinematic film with one camera and a drone. There will be no travel expenses in the Netherlands.

When you get married in another country and there are happenings for a few days, it is also possible to make a film of those moments.


The total price of this all-inclusive package is €1950,- (VAT included) in the Netherlands. If you get married in another country, travel expenses and accommodation costs will be added to the price. Would you like more info or just have a chat, you can contact me here.

I work in Ibiza, Italy, the Netherlands and you can always contact me for films globally. As love has no boundaries.... 

Monique Kraan

Monique is an interior, travel & lifestyle photographer. With more than 7 years of business experience in the travel & hospitality industry, she helps vacation homeowners to position their business strongly and stand out online. Besides taking beautiful photos, she does this by sharing tips and 1-on-1 sessions (online & offline).


With her passion for visual storytelling, she has created various visual stories on this website and on Instagram, where you can also participate in her wine quiz every Friday. Do you have any questions?

Feel free to ask!

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