Styling inspiration

Less is more

If you can't identify it, don't use it

Get all distracting things out

Style every room and every corner in detail

Styling details

First, please read my shoot preparation checklist that I give to the client. The client has to make sure everything is prepared like this, so you can focus on the styling details.



- Minimalism, minimalism, minimalism, but elegant and inviting, that's what we are aiming for

- Style every room with something special. A flower, some wine, and wine glasses present on the table, etc.

- Don't use the same styling products is multiple times

- Don't over-style it, it is important that the styling looks natural

- Make it very cozy and inviting for the guests, like they are already on holiday

- Set the table, this is very inviting and enables the guests to imagine dining there  

- Prepare a lunch if possible, lifestyle photos of food brings joy in the total presentation

- Fresh fruit, some lemon, watermelon, different vegetables, garlic, a nice bottle of olive oil & balsamic

- Cheese, Pecorino and Parmigiano

- A good special (local) wine

- Flowers, wildflowers are the best (olive or fig branch also works). Prepare different bunches of flowers for different rooms 

- Remove all plugs and cables

- Turn off all lights

- Make sure all mosquito blinds are open and no wires are hanging in front of the view

Kitchen & Meal Areas

- I love to show the bigness of a kitchen. If there is some wine in the kitchen and some color added by veggies a picture will look amazingly different

- Wildflowers give the most natural look, but don't let them break the view or the long lines in a kitchen

- Remove soap bottles and other unnecessary things from the countertop 

- Remove everything that is not needed in and around the kitchen


Living room

- Hide all TV remotes

- Remove magazines and papers

- Hide loose audio/ electricity cables



- Use some fresh wildflowers to style the room

- Check if all beds are well-made and straighten pillows



- Remove toothbrushes & shavers

- Remove soap bottles from showers

- Set out the most beautiful (natural color) towels and present the room

Monique Kraan

Monique is an interior, travel & lifestyle photographer. With more than 7 years of business experience in the travel & hospitality industry, she helps vacation homeowners to position their business strongly and stand out online. Besides taking beautiful photos, she does this by sharing tips and 1-on-1 sessions (online & offline).


With her passion for visual storytelling, she has created various visual stories on this website and on Instagram, where you can also participate in her wine quiz every Friday. Do you have any questions?

Feel free to ask!

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