A Sunday in Florence

Updated: Mar 26

A day in Florence is always like a small party for us. We have lived in the Tuscan countryside for one year and we love the mountains and the tranquility, but being in a city surrounded by a lot of other people is also very nice.

Usually we park our car in Viale Ludovico Ariosto. This street is perfect to park your car in Florence, because this is one of the closest areas to the city center where you have permission to drive and park. We walk over one of the beautiful bridges to reach the heart of the city.

The day starts well; free parking on Sunday!

It's a nice walk on Ponte Amerigo Vespucci to go to the heart of the city. The view on Ponte Alla Carraia and in the background Ponte Santa Trinita is stunning as always.

We feel like eating something and decide to try the organic Italian restaurant Vivanda. Unfortunately they are fully booked, so we have a look at their neighbors place, S.Forno. We hear '60 music and see a nice little place that looks something like a bakery and decide to go here. We both take a piece of pizza and then we share a quiche. Everything here tastes simple and delicious. The interior has been designed in '60's style and together with the music you imagine yourself back in time.

We walk along the long lines of all the people who want to visit the Florence Cathedral: Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore, or shortly, the Duomo. We are walk around and want to see something less touristy. We arrive at Piazza SS. Annunziata. Something feels different about this market square. Between the old buildings, bronze sculptures and romantic colorful balconies we see all sorts of handcrafts. But that's not it... these people are really working on their crafts here. It's a peaceful atmosphere and the craftsmen are very friendly and explain what they do and how they work. They make beautiful objects of quality.

This Tuscan handcraft market is here:

From April till June &

September till November

Every 2nd weekend of the month, on Saturday and Sunday.

As we walk back, right away we see the Duomo; always beautiful and easy to recognize where you are.

Now we feel like an ice cream. On Google maps we look through all the options and based on the photos and reviews we decide to go to La Strega Nocciola. Almost everywhere in the gelaterias in Italy you see all different ice cream flavors next to each other, high as a mountain. But in this place all the ice cream is hidden. Just choose one of your favorite ice cream flavors and the staff will gladly advice you which flavor fits well. If you are lucky like us, you can sit on the small bench in front of the gelateria.

While we are on our way to a restaurant, we see forty historic cars standing at the court of Palazzo Pittiare. An exhibition of the most beautiful vintage cars from the beginning of the 20th century. We wonder why these beautiful old cares are not taken into production anymore. All details and the elegance of the cars are amazing.

We walk over Ponte Santa Trinita and although we have walked here before, we have never seen it as busy as today. The hype of the so-called 'Love Locks' has also been flown to the bridges of Florence as well and they get a lot of attention from the people who walk by.

A few minutes we stare at the beautiful and big Arno River....

We decide to go to one of our favorite pizzerias Trattoria Napoleone. We realize that we have only been here in wintertime, because we have never seen the outside terrace. We are so hungry we completely forget to take pictures. But believe us when we say we have eaten a delicious pizza.

Music already starts at Piazza del Carmine, but we don't see live music yet. We drink our beer and go to the Florence Fringe festival

There is a joyful atmosphere at this free festival with food trucks, streed food and people who enjoy life.

The Jazz band Nico Gori Swing 10tet is fun to watch, because they all are very passionated. We enjoy it till the end and leave with a smile on our face. Tired but satisfied we go home.

And now we have to remember to make a reservation at restaurant Vivanda the next time we go to Florence.

Monique Kraan

Monique is an interior, travel & lifestyle photographer. With more than 7 years of business experience in the travel & hospitality industry, she helps vacation homeowners to position their business strongly and stand out online. Besides taking beautiful photos, she does this by sharing tips and 1-on-1 sessions (online & offline).


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