Shoot Preparation Checklist


  • Preparing the property in every detail is important as you will see every detail on all photos

  • A clean and spotless house and windows are essential

  • Prepare as you prepare for the guests (even better than that); everything totally clean and organized

  • Remove all personal things

  • Open all (mosquito)blinds and shutters throughout the house

  • Make sure there are some wildflowers and branches (for example olive/ fig)



  • Lifestyle & food photos bring joy in the total presentation. It is important that the table is set before I arrive and the client prepares lunch or hires a chef. If you booked the diner shooting, the table also has to be set and diner has to be prepared or you can hire a chef to do this.



Kitchen & Meal Areas ​

  • Remove soap bottles and other unnecessary things from the countertop 

Living room

  • Hide all TV remotes

  • Hide loose audio/ electricity cables


  • Make all beds and straighten pillows


  • Set out your best towels

  • Remove toothbrushes, shavers, soap bottles and other unnecessary things




  • Clean the pool before the photographer arrives 

  • The best is to clean the pool really early in the morning on the shooting day

  • Leave the pool open if there is a pool deck

  • Flatwater gives the best result, so turn off the pump during the shoot if possible

  • Put the sunbeds around the pool in a straight line, with the lounger pillows on it

  • Open patio umbrellas or remove them



  • Make sure the garden is in perfect shape.

  • Mow the grass around the property and prepare the garden in general

  • Remove garden tools and if possible hoses and sprinklers into the garage

  • Clean the BBQ



  • Clean and place cushions on outdoor seating

  • Open patio umbrellas

  • Make sure all leaves are removed from all the terraces



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Monique Kraan

Monique is an interior, travel & lifestyle photographer. With more than 7 years of business experience in the travel & hospitality industry, she helps vacation homeowners to position their business strongly and stand out online. Besides taking beautiful photos, she does this by sharing tips and 1-on-1 sessions (online & offline).


With her passion for visual storytelling, she has created various visual stories on this website and on Instagram, where you can also participate in her wine quiz every Friday. Do you have any questions?

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